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Jenny Lin was a Contract Researcher for Project 2049 Institute. She was with the organization from March 2011 to April 2012, providing research support to Mark Stokes on topics related to the Chinese military, China’s aerospace program and cyber security. Ms. Lin was also a Contract Researcher for CSCMA, the Institute for National Strategic Studies (INSS) at National Defense University. While at CSCMA, Ms. Lin provided research assistance to Senior Fellow Dr. Phillip Saunders and Dr. Christopher Yung on projects related to Chinese out of area operations, Chinese Air Force modernization, and the PLA Navy’s influence in China’s policy-making process. Prior to joining Project 2049 Institute as a contributor, Ms. Lin received a short-term international fellowship to Germany from Heinrich Boell Foundation to conduct an independent study on how German-style feed-in-tariff may apply to Inner Mongolia China. She received her MA in Public Policy from American University and BA in Government and Asian Studies from University of Texas in Austin.



Stokes, Mark; Lin, Jenny; Hsiao, R. 2011. The Chinese People's Liberation Army Signals Intelligence and Cyber Reconnaissance Infrastructure, The Project 2049 Institute.





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