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Ms. Siti Nurjanah was a Visiting Scholar at the Project 2049 Institute from May - August, 2011. She is the Co-founder and Director of the Women and Youth Development Institute for Indonesia (WYDII— An NGO based in Surabaya, Indonesia focuses on advocacy and capacity building for gender equality and empowerment of women. She develops and manages leadership and media training for girls and women parliamentarian members at the provincial level. Prior to that, Nurjanah was an active member of Airlangga University Student Body and a journalist.

During her residency at the Project 2049 Institute, she works on the mapping of political division in Indonesia by looking at the campus roots of factionalism and sectarianism and its implications for National and Regional Politics. The study will also assess the impact – positive and negative – of cadre based student associates on contemporary and future political developments, especially democratization.

Nurjanah holds B.A. from Airlangga University of Surabaya--Indonesia and MA from International Sustainable Development from Heller School at Brandeis University.

Previous publications:

Siti Nurjanah, "Terancamnya Melting Pot versi Indonesia [the Treat to Indonesian Melding Pot]," Surabaya Post, May 22, 2009.

Siti Nurjanah, “Perilaku Memilih Perempuan Surabaya: Memilih Partai atau Agenda Kandidat [Surabaya Women’s Suffrage: Do They Looking at the Political Parties or Candidates’ Agenda]?," Surabaya Post, April 28, 2008.

Siti Nurjanah, “Roehana Koeddoes: A Pioneer of Women's Rights Advocate,” CRCS Newsletter, 2008.

Siti Nurjanah and Robin Bush, “Dan Lev, A Scholar Who Understood and Valued the Complexity of Indonesia’s Political and Legal Life,” CRCS Newsletter, April 2007.

Siti Nurjanah and Robin Bush,“Benazir Bhutto: the Past and the Future of Pakistan,” CRCS Newsletter, April 2007.

Siti Nurjanah, “Government's Program for Poverty Reduction: Do They Fulfill the Rights of the Poor or Do They Pity the Poor,” CRCS Newsletter, November 2006.

Christopher Candland and Siti Nurjanah, "Women's Empowerment through Islamic Organizations: The Role of Indonesia's Nahdlatul Ulama in Transforming a Government Birth Control Program into a Family Welfare Program," in Wendy Tyndale, ed., Visions of Development: Spiritually Inspired Initiatives, Aldershot: Ashgate, (2006).

Christopher Candland and Siti Nurjanah, "Indonesia After Wahid: The New Authoritarianism," Royal Institute of International Relations, Briefing Paper, December 2001.



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