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Sugio Takahashi was a SPF Visiting Scholar at Project 2049 Institute. He is a Senior Fellow of the National Institute for Defense Studies and currently with Deputy Director of the Office of Strategic Planning of Ministry of Defense in Tokyo, Japan. He received MA and BA from the Waseda University and MA from George Washington University. Mr. Takahashi has published extensively in the areas of nuclear strategy, the Japan-U.S. alliance, and East Asian regional security including “Implications of Recent Challenges in Nuclear Deterrence on Japan’s Security: NPR, New START, “The World without Nuclear Weapon,” and Extended Deterrence,” Kaigai Jijo, Vol. 58, No. 7/8 (July 2010) (in Japanese); ”Transformation of Japan’s Defense Industry? Assessing the Impact of the Revolution in Military Affairs,” Security Challenges, Vol.4, No.4 (Summer 2008); “Dealing with the Ballistic Missile Threat: Whether Japan Should Have a Strike Capability under its Exclusively Defense-Oriented Policy,” NIDS Security Reports, No.7 (December 2006), pp.79-94.



Schriver, R. & Takahashi, S. 2013. Managing Expectations in the U.S.-Japan Alliance: U.S. and Japanese Perspectives, The Project 2049 Institute.

Takahashi, S. 2013. Upgrading the Japan-U.S. Defense Guidelines: Toward a New Phase of Operational Coordination, The Project 2049 Institute.



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