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Cheery Zahau is the Country Program Director (Myanmar) at the Project 2049 Institute. She is a human rights activist, feminist, writer and researcher from Chin State, Burma. She successfully formed the "Women’s League of Chinland”. She is a major author on a report titled “Unsafe State” where she conducted first-hand research on sexual violence against Chin women committed by the government's military troops. She coordinated and contributed three major reports to the United Nation's UPR, CRC and CEDAW committees. She has testified at the UN, British Parliament, US Congressional Hearings and other governments on the human rights situation in Chin State and Burma. She was awarded “ Chin Person of the Year 2011” by the Chin people. The Irrawaddy Magazine listed her as one of “ Burma’s News Makers 2011”. She has trained hundreds of people on human rights and women’s human rights over the past 15 years. She is also the author of several qualitative research reports on Women’s Access to Justice in Plural Legal System in Burma, LGBT rights and the Rule of Law, Youth Movement Assessment, Women, Security and Peace, Sexual violence and minor rape, and service provisions in Burma, among others.




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