Pentagon Quietly Puts More Troops in Taiwan
November 18, 2021
Former Pentagon Official Calls on U.S. to Drop “One China” Slogan
November 20, 2021

Taiwan Could Be First Domino in Chinese Land Grab Across Asia

(An F-16 fighter aircraft assigned to Taiwan's Republic of China Air Force overflies Taipei City during National Day celebrations on October 10, 2021, in Taipei, Taiwan. Source: "Military News Agency" / "Ministry of National Defense, Taiwan.")

By: John Feng | NEWSWEEK |

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) justifies the potential use of force against Taiwan because it views the island nation as part of its territory, its return a “historic mission” that has been glorified by successive Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders. … According to … Ian Easton … the unprecedented landing operation would require upwards of two million People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops and accompany military vehicles and equipment…

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