Richard L. Armitage


The Honorable Richard L. Armitage is Chairman of the Board at The Project 2049 Institute. Beginning March 2005, Richard L. Armitage became President of Armitage International. More

Mark Stokes

Executive Director

Mark Stokes is the Executive Director of the Project 2049 Institute. Previously, he was the founder and president of Quantum Pacific Enterprises, an international consulting firm, and vice president and Taiwan country manager for Raytheon International. More

Ian Easton

Research Fellow

Ian Easton is a research fellow at the Project 2049 Institute, where he conducts research on defense and security issues in Asia. During the summer of 2013 he was a visiting fellow at the Japan Institute for International Affairs (JIIA) in Tokyo. Previously, Ian worked as a China analyst at the Center for Naval Analyses (CNA) for two years. More

Rachael Burton

Deputy Director

Rachael Burton is the Deputy Director at the Project 2049 Institute where she manages the Institute's research and program development. She currently conducts research and analysis on the Chinese Communist Party’s foreign policy, U.S.-Taiwan relations, and U.S. policy towards Burma (Myanmar). More

Emily David

Research Associate

Emily David is a Research Associate at the Project 2049 Institute. She provides critical research and administrative support for The Institute's programs and activities. More