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April 5, 2022
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July 8, 2022

Early Warning in the Taiwan Strait

Aerial view of military radar and asphalt road in Kenting National Park, Hengchun Town, Southern Taiwan at sunrise. (Source: “PNK Photo.”)

By: Mark Stokes and Eric Lee |

Shows of force from China’s People’s Liberation Army exist on a continuum from peace to war and can be characterized as coercive or annihilative. In this report, Executive Director Mark Stokes and Associate Director of Programs Eric Lee examine kinetic and non-kinetic threats posed to Taiwan by the People’s Liberation Army. The authors explore the history of Taiwan’s early warning infrastructure and radar order of battle. They then assess how these capabilities support Taiwan’s air sovereignty missions of surveillance and control around its territories. They conclude by suggesting ways the United States can bolster Taiwan’s early warning capabilities.