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Voice of America | Schriver on the Threat of Nuclear Weapons to ROK and Japan

(Source: "Voice of America.")

By: Eunjung Cho | VOICE OF AMERICA |

On January 26, 2023, Voice of America interviewed Chairman Randall G. Schriver on the threat of nuclear weapons posed by North Korea and China on U.S. allies South Korea and Japan. Watch the full interview below:

EUNJUNG CHO: … can the United States continue to press South Korea to stay nuclear-free when a growing number of South Koreans want nuclear parity?

RANDALL SCHRIVER: Given North Korea’s development I think it’s a discussion we have to have with South Korea … but we should have confidence in our extended deterrence and we can talk about the technical and political aspects of that, but if South Korea does pursue another course in developing an independent nuclear capability, that could affect decision-making throughout the region …

Read the full article on Voice of America (in Korean).