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Formosa Files | The Three “Pearl Harbors” of the Chinese Communist Party

(The Chinese flag. Source: "Getty Images.")

By: Ian Easton and Eryk Michael Smith | FORMOSA FILES |

On June 15, 2023, the podcast Formosa Files – The Amazing History of Taiwan interviewed Senior Director Ian Easton on “The Three ‘Pearl Harbors’ of the Chinese Communist Party.” Listen to the full podcast below:

ERYK MICHAEL SMITH: … So [you think] we’re vastly underestimating [the Chinese Communist Party].

IAN EASTON: I think we’re vastly underestimating them. I don’t think it’s a mistake or just an anomaly that Xi Jinping been able do the things he’s done but we have not had any kind of wake-up moment, or Sputnik moment, or Berlin crisis moment — where American policy has decisively changed.

Listen to the full episode on the Formosa Files website.