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U.S., Taiwan, and Semiconductors: A Critical Supply Chain Partnership

Published by the Project 2049 Institute and the US-Taiwan Business Council

Principal Investigator: Dr. John Fowler

Edited by Lotta Danielsson |

Events over the last few years, such as the global pandemic and U.S.-China trade issues, have highlighted the vulnerabilities of supply chain disruptions, particularly for the strategically important semiconductor industry. Disruptions in Taiwan, a crucial player, would have global ramifications. This report examines vulnerabilities in the semiconductor supply chain and potential implications of supply chain disruptions, with a particular focus on Taiwan. The report concludes while complete supply chain disruption is low, Taiwan’s semiconductor industry is vital to the functioning of the U.S. and global economy. Therefore, the United States must ensure Taiwan remains a close ally.

2023.06.21 - Final Semiconductor Report